Saturday, October 26, 2013

 It's sad that we have to bring you a story that shines the bright spotlight on racism, but when it's in your backyard, it must be addressed. As Black people, we experience this in some form everyday. Whether on the train, at work, or at a restaurant. But when your spending your money at an upscale department store, that's where the story takes a turn. Backwards. In 2013, young Blacks are making money, working hard to dead the sterotype that we are all "thugs" from the "hood. We dispel the rumors by shopping at fine stores and eating fine food. 
So when two young African Americans want to buy something with their money, you'd think there wouldn't be a problem right? wrong.
On the left is Barney's CEO Mark Lee.Whether he is a racist or running a "racist empire", we don't know. What we DO KNOW are the facts. Back in February, Kayla Philips, a nursing student was stopped by four plainclothes NYPD detectives for purchasing a $2,500 handbag. More recently, Trayon Christian was stopped and frisked by NYPD after purchasing a $350 Ferragamo belt. Barney's is now scrambling to divert this nightmare created by their own employees.
I want to make one thing clear. These incidents have NOTHING to do with Jay-Z. This has more to do with the racist regime we know as the NYPD. There are more Irish, Italian, and Jewish police officers than African American or Hispanic. It is because we have such disdain for the police, not just because of how our parents were treated back in the days, but because of the racial profiling still going on today.
The New York Daily News deserves alot of credit for being impartial, and covering the FACTS of these cases. I would like to say how PROUD I am of these two young African Americans for SUING the NYPD and Barney's for racial profiling. I hope they get MILLIONS in restitution and the humiliation caused by the racist employees that think this is the 1960's.
Only in America do you see the racial hatred that still plagues our country. In places like Venice, Italy, where the Jewish community are confined to a small city behind a huge wall that is called "the ghetto". The term "ghetto" was FIRST used to describe the places where the Jewish community lives. They turned it on the Afican American community. It is only here in America, where these other nationalities are respected more than we are. Why? Simply because many African Americans do not travel to other countries to see what life is like. It is unfortunate, but it is the TRUTH. You may go to the Caribbean, but I'm talking Europe. 
I've been blessed to see the world, and America is the only place I've seen where this racial shit is tolerated. When will we get over this mountain? If the NYPD doesn't straighten up, one day the pot will boil over, and it will be too late to turn the heat off. The African American community will not stand for injustice any longer. FIGHT THE POWER.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame 

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