Friday, November 22, 2013

 One of the OG's in the sneaker culture, as well as a legendary DJ and Hip-Hop luminary, Bobbito Garcia will see his book, "Where'd You Get Those" re-released to commemorate its 10th Anniversary. Hard to believe that 2003 was the year Bobbito's book gave the "undergound" sneaker culture a voice, which was heard around the world.
The Anniversary Edition features a new intro, with great shoes that ouline decades of freshness. Did you know Carnegie Mellon University even did a course on kicks enitiled "Sneakerology 101". Those lessons have paved the way for other colleges, such as San Jose University, to join in on the study of our culture. The Sneaker culture made great strides throughout the years, many happening within the last decade. 
Make sure you look for Bobbito's book, which is dropping on November 30th. This is a prime opportunity for the new generation of sneakerheads to understand the history. When you cop a pair of sneakers because you want it, not because everybody else has it, then you're ready for that next level.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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