Monday, November 11, 2013

 Although Penny was not the first player to debut the Foamposite One's (Mike Bibby was, when he played for Arizona, on March 23, 1997), Penny was the first player to wear them when they were banned from the NBA. David Stern told Penny his kicks needed to have more black in them, or Hardaway would face a hefty fine. Needless to say, Hardaway was given a Sharpie, and filled in the spaces in between the "foamy" panels. David Stern was the ultimate hater! Lol
 Penny's "Pearl" Foams were cool for the home games, but the Royal Blue "away game" Foams are now a big part of sneaker folklore because it was banned, just like Jordan's Black and Red 1's 12 years prior.
It's hard to believe Tim Duncan was the first NBA player to debut the Foamposite One's in an All-Star game. That same game, Penny rocked his Penny II's instead. Nobody thought the Foamposites would make a huge comeback like it did. Nike didn't believe it, neither did I. Mello did! I remember our conversations on the Foams back in 2007, and he predicted the Foamposites would make a huge comeback, because heads really didn't understand the first go-round. Many didn't grasp the detail at that time, since Air Jordans pretty much held the throne, and stifled out all other competition in basketball sneakers.
I believe the craze is about to die down, now that we've arrived to "Safari" foams. Huh? Yes, sometimes it gets outta hand and lands in a big pool of BUFFOONERY!  When it comes to talking about the OG Foamposite Ones, and the history behind it, You begin to understand why its considered "Royal".  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #BANNED

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