Wednesday, November 20, 2013

 The next two colorways in the LeBron 11 line-up is sure to have heads goin' crazy! The "Akron vs. Miami" colorway (which reminds us of the LeBron 9 "Cannon") and the "Miami Nights" colorway, both incredible.

 Shades of blue, with a compressed neon green is supposed to represent the working class of Akron, Ohio. The tinge of  peach/orange is a play to LeBron's transition to the home of the Dolphins. This colorway is probably my favorite in the 11's so far.

The "Miami Nights" colorway play off dark hues, which allows the neon pink to stand out. This colorway is a salute to the nightlife of Miami. I just love the dynamics of the shoe itself. Very clean, well designed sneaker. I'm sure we'll see Robert Downey, Jr. will be a rocking a pair in the next "Iron-Man" installment. I guarantee it.
The "Akron" joints drop on Dec. 7th, while the "Miami Nights" drop one week later, on Dec. 14th.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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