Monday, November 18, 2013

 What better way to honor the top designers of Jordan Brand and Nike, than a collaboration with their alma mater? The University of Oregon is one school that left a great impact on its successful alumni, Tinker Hatfield and Phil Knight. Two of the greatest forces behind one of the sneaker industry's leading machine.
 Samples of the "Oregon 3's" first surfaced in late 2010, and in 2011, the student athletes on the basketball and football team were blessed with these "student athlete only" releases. The 3's come in the "Black Cement" and "White Cement" colorways, and feature a huge "O" on the tongue in place of the Air Jordan emblem, and duck feet embroidered on the back of the leather tab in the back of the kicks. There is also an embroidered duck on the upper side panel of the shoe.

 I truly believe the idea for the "Green Glow" 4's came from the "Oregon 4's". The all Black premium leather kicks are given a Forest Green stitching, which outlines the dynamics of these sneakers. It is the glossy, dark Emerald Green lacelocks on the top and bottom of the upper portion that highlight the kicks. 
The back  features a huge "O" on a glossy Emerald Green tab which accentuates the lacelocks. The "Oregon 4's" were revealed in 2012. The "O" on the tongue is not rendered on these kicks.

 The "Oregon 5's" are the kicks that has every head goin crazy right now. These exclusive 5's feature an all green nubuck, highlighted with yellow accents. The tongue features the "O" just like the 3's, and a baby duck graces the back of  the left and right shoe.

 Jordan Brand made these kicks for the University of Oregon as they headed into a big game against Stanford about a week and a half ago. That was the first time the "Oregon 5's" were actually seen on the feet of students.

 The "Oregon 9's" were one of the first to actually surface, back in 2011. These kicks were presented to the University of Oregon's Basketball team, and feature a Stealth-Black colorway hidden in a tinge of Wolf Grey nubuck. The only representation of the collabo on these kicks is the "O"  located on the back of these sneakers, just below the pull tab.
The University of Oregon also have collaborations with many different designs of Nike sneakers, but the Jordan Brand collabo really stands out, especially to those of us who really understand what it is. Salute to Tinker and Phil Knight, and props to the students and athletes who get to go home with, not only a free pair of kicks, but a pair of limited edition, quickstrike, and PE's all wrapped in one.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #OregonDucks #JordanBrand

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