Friday, January 17, 2014

 When you have a legendary point guard like Gary Payton, who will forever be known among the great ones, you always pay attention to the kicks. Nike definitely did us a favor by bringing back an iconic sneaker, "The Glove". Except, this time, they updated the classic with a twist.
 When you combine two great kicks worn by two different athletes that dominated their respective sport, you get the Air Zoom 98 "The Glove" Tech Challenge, which is a fusion of sorts between Gary Payton's coveted basketball sneakers, and Hall of Fame tennis player Andre Agassi's Air Tech Challenge joints.

 The Agassi's definitely brought its own flair, and became an instant favorite in the hood. "The Glove" was also a favorite, and Gary Payton's signature pair is a pair that you couldn't pass up.
"The Glove" Tech Challenge collabo is Payton's classic enrobed in a colorful "glove" that sports the classic Tech Challenge stripes. This colorful pair of kicks is available now, and is a pair you need in the arsenal.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #Yessir

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