Saturday, March 22, 2014

 When legendary tennis player Andre Agassi joined Nike in 1988, he was an 18 year old phenom with an incredible back hand. His movements on the clay or the grass was absolutely stunning. Agassi, along with the great Tinker Hatfield, came up with the Air Tech Challenge.
 One of the first Nike tennis shoes to incorporate a synthetic leather upper, it allowed Agassi the freedom of movement, and to dominate the court while in control of his feet. The Air Tech Challenge played a pivotal role in shaping Agassi's game, and spotlighting the craftsmanship of a great shoe.
A couple weeks ago, I did the knowledge to the midsole of the Air Tech Challenge, which happens to be the same midsole for the Air Yeezy 2's. This is a testament to the GREATNESS created in 1988, and how great shoes are timeless pieces. When Agassi saw the response to how his kicks were being worn in the hood, it made him want to wear his kicks off the tennis court as well.
The "Hot Lava" was my favorite colorway, but this "Clay Blue" is definitely up there. Remember, what made this shoe different was the fact it was a hi-top, and in tennis, especially in that era, all tennis players were wearing white low tops. Nike revolutionized the sneaker by taking a risk, and once again, Tinker Hatfield was right. 
The "Clay Blue" Air Tech Challengee joints drop on March 22nd.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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