Tuesday, March 18, 2014

 Olympic Gold-Medalist Allyson Felix is more than a track star. On top of being fine as hell, she is also a sneakerhead! Who knew?!?? I was pleasantly surprised when Complex recently threw up an article with the beautiful athlete and her collection of kicks. Let's get to it: Up top, the "Red Octobers". Need I say more?
 We might have gotten something special for Christmas, but a pair of ParaNorman Foams will always make the season bright!
 This is how you know she's a real one. Allyson rocking the new "Glove" GP's that dropped late last year, but still has a pair of OGs is great condition!
 Rocking her "USC" Kobe VI's, reppin' her city!
 Allyson said she had to have a pair of the "Bred" XI's on deck. I find that very sexy.
 The "Bred" 1's is always a great look, especially on her.
 She even got a couple "Packs" on deck! Here, she's rocking the XV's from the DMP/ Collezione! Official!!
 How many shawty's you know still got the "Mint Green" X's in the stash? Hers is still fresh 9 years later...
A pair of "Grapes" on the G4 is always a great look. Ms. Felix is one woman after my heart. Any woman who understands this culture, and the code we live by, is a well-rounded woman. Salute to Allyson for being a great athlete who, not only reps our country, but reps the sneaker culture with the same RESPECT.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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