Tuesday, April 15, 2014

 We from the hood, so anything involving "Rats" or "Snakes" we stay away from! In this case, we're talkin' about kicks. Still in all, you gotta keep the grass cut low, so you can get a good look at the "Snakeskin" Air Jordan 11 Lows.

 There are many low top 11's, including the "I.E." editions. These 11's have a combination of a classic pair of kicks that compliment a new colorway. We've seen the "Snakeskin" theme on a Jordan 11 low before, using a pink skin for a womens' Jordan, and a blue skin on the mens' low top. Fast forward to April 19th, when Jordan Brand unveils the "Money Green" snakeskin on these sneakers. Two things come to mind. This can be a Spring/ Easter Jordan sneaker, and the "Money Green" colorway could be an advance to the Money Mayweather fight. Dope, either way.
I've always loved the 11's, especially the "I.E." Lows. These snakeskin joints have alot of detail, with the different tints of green giving the shoe  realistic character. The lime green Jumpman on the back panel as well as the tongue are also stand out symbols that let you know how official this release is. Shout to my brother D. Kenney, who had me look these up back in February when the pictures first surfaced.  Dropping at all Jordan retailers on April 19th.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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