Wednesday, April 30, 2014

 Living out here in L.A., there's only two names that hit every conversation pertaining to sports: Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant. Magic was the first player to bring excitement to Los Angeles, along side his co-stars of the "Showtime" Lakers. An NBA legend, Magic Johnson is a pillar of the community in L.A. No doubt about it.
 See, Magic is also a great businessman. He owned a huge portion of Starbucks, then sold it back to them and made millions. He purchased FatBurgers, and made money. He has Magic Johnson Theatres, as well as a Magic-branded 24-Hour Fitness. Still an integral part of the Lakers' organization, Magic and his business partners purchased the Dodgers, and transformed the team as well as the stadium. So it doesn't matter if Magic is Black, he just happens to be. And he handles his business like a champion.
I wonder if Donald Sterling is mad because he has to walk past Magic's balls hanging directly in front of the Staples Center. They've been hanging there since 2006. I say f#@k Donald Sterling. Magic, let ya nuts hang.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #NoFilter #SayWhatWeWant

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