Friday, May 9, 2014

 The "Shooting Stars" Pack is what you call "Open....
 ...and Shut!!" This Pack is one of the most significant, not only to the sneaker culture, but also for its technological advances.

 We're bringing you this detailed look to show you exactly why this is a "Shooting Stars" Pack. Many thought the stars were embodied on one pair. The Lil' Penny Posite also features "Shooting Stars", on the top toe panel, as well as the heel index.

The Black stars that fade into the Teflon, with the Black Swoosh properly placed on the right side of the top panel. The Lil' Penny insignia is on the tongue, with the 1/2 Cent logo complimenting the back heel tab. This Pack introduces the Lil' Penny Posite with a highly anticipated pair of Foams. A great marketing plan, the Lil' Penny Posite is getting a proper debut. This Pack drops on the 17th, and will set a record for its $500 price tag.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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