Tuesday, June 10, 2014

 Ahhhh....South Beach. The land of fine women, beautiful beaches, and some of the hottest nightclubs. It is also the place where a former Cleveland Cavalier took his talents to win a couple championships. Reaching its 4th installment, Nike Sportswear unveils the LeBron 11 "South Beach".
 These "South Beach" 11's are cool, but they pale in comparison to the LeBron 9's, which in my opinion, are the best "South Beach" kicks they've released so far.
The detail on these are ok, with hints of palmtrees etched clean into the side panels. My problem with these is also the monotony of the turquoise. I think they could've used hints of grey, and a clear gel sole would've done these justice! That same sole has been used on 4 LeBron 11's in the same colorway! (Miami vs. Akron, King's Pride, South Beach, and one more colorway.)

Overall, the LeBron 11 is a great, comfortable shoe. This colorway is usually "special", like the 8's and 9's. They didn't explore enough color on these to really be a hit to me, so I gotta pass on these. Hopefully, things will come back around on the 12's.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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