Saturday, June 28, 2014

 As avid sports fans, we asked ourselves long ago, "why did they change the name?" Well, Bob Johnson (former CEO of B.E.T.) purchased the team, and I believe he changed the name to the "Bobcats" because it had his name in it. But if you've been to Charlotte, you know they have more hornets than bobcats! 
The current owner, NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan is bringing the original name back to the essence. The city of Charlotte will officially go back to the Hornets this upcoming season!
 Jordan hasn't been as successful with bringing the masses to the arena to see the games. The team is just above par, and the audience is a cross between "die-hard" Charlotte basketball fans, and people who will buy a ticket just to see if Michael Jordan is on the bench next to the team. I believe all that is about to change.
We're not sure if this will be a special release to the public, or a special release just in the city of Charlotte, but we do know is this upcoming season the players will have a special pair of 11's to commemorate the upcoming season. Stay tuned to KickGame DVD and we'll keep you in the loop!  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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