Thursday, June 26, 2014

 You are looking at the evolution of Kevin Durant. Not just the player himself, but his signature sneakers. Nike unveils the seventh edition of the KD line.

 The reigning MVP of the NBA worked closely with Nike Designer Leo Chang, who started sketching this new design about a year and a half ago. The details outline the future in kicks specifically made for KD.

 This is the first KD sneaker to embody the Hyperposite Technology. Incorporating this into these kicks allows KD a more fluid motion and cuts on the hardwood, while affording the NBA's shining star more comfort and support. The shoes' durability to withstand pressure and sudden changes in the symmetry withstood the test that both Durant and Chang were looking for.

At the official unveiling ceremony in Washington, D.C., Durant sat down with Leo Chang and former NFL player-turned sportscaster Ahmad Rashad. We found out that KD has a passion for meteorology since he was a kid. Leo took that into consideration when choosing the colorway. Since KD strikes like lightning, Chang chose the color of lightning when it strikes. The temperature of lightning is 35,000 degrees and the color is a reddish-mango, which is the colorway of the first in the line.
With many colorways set to drop as well, expect to see the new KDVII's hitting stores this weekend.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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