Wednesday, July 9, 2014

 In no prticular order, here are a few kicks that came out in the 1st half of 2014 that kept the streets buzzing! The Kobe Prelude 6's were a MONSTER. Alot of detail on a nice, icy gel sole was a must have, but hard to cop. It set off a dope chain reaction when it irst dropped this past January.
 The "Masterpiece". What more can I say? If the Black Mamba would've played this past season in these, we wouldn't be talkin' about anything else.
The Air Jordan "Carmine" VI's are a classic that came back during the first half. A welcome and refreshing retro that hasn't been seen in a while.
 Nike SB's came back with a couple winners. The "Hackey Sack" SB takes its name from a little pouch ball that you kick around, but it also matched the theme for Uncle Ralph (Lauren) during the unveiling of his Spring/Summer Collection.
 The "510" SB's come from a store in northern California, adopted a camoflauge canvas with a gumsole, and a dope orange-splashed midsole.
 "Word to Ricardo Tisci!!" The well known fashion designer teamed up with Nike for a limited edition collection that came together real smooth.
 The KD VI's are one of Durant's best shoes, but the creases were overwhelming. These KD VI Floral EXT's were perfect, because they incorporated a canvas upper, and the floral stitching gave it dynamic detail.
 Before I got my hands on these, Mello was giving me the play-by-play on them, since he was able to actually put his hands on these. Describing the rich texture of the leather, as well as that "Bruce Leroy" Glow, The "Champagne" VI's made it on our list.
 The "Tiffany/Diamond Supply" SB's were definitely on the radar for alot of us. Just knowing how dope the "Tiffany" SB lows were, and the hype that surrounded them, the "Tiffany" SB High were must haves on the list.
 The Supreme Foamposites aare one of the best limited edition Foams ever created, next to the Galaxy's and the ParaNorman Foams. If you were not camping for these 3 days prior on either coast, you missed out.
Like the "Champagne" VI's the "Cigar" VI's showcase the beautiful Championship Rings at the top of the lace panel, atop rich premium leather. The "Cigars" remind us of the "Bin23" colorway, which was borrowed to outline this exclusive pair of kicks. 
These are just a few of the kicks that really stood out the past 6 months, and we still got another 6 to go! Let us know what tops your list so far for 2014!  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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