Saturday, August 23, 2014

 Clean. Rich. Two elements normally associated with sneaker giant Nike. However, it looks like we could be coming into the dawn of a new era. Adidas recently launched their newest design, unveiled as the C-10's.
The first thing I noticed on these kicks was the lack of major branding. The "3 Stripes" logo is still present, but is more abstract, giving the sneakers a clean, rich look. The absence of major branding allows you to focus more on the details of the kicks, rather than who it's made by.
Normally, you would see a pair of kicks like these appear in Adidas' overseas market, like Japan or Europe. I believe they took a page out of their Y-3 signature line to introduce something new to their U.S. customers. The results look like a great sneaker that could capture the attention of many sneakerheads, because of it's richness, and what we anticipate from the collaboration of Adidas and Kanye West, as well as Pharell. 
 The premium suede, The straps that adorn the side panels, and the aerodynamics of the shoe itself, set these apart from the traditional kicks Adidas is known for. With the C-10's, it looks like the German sneaker giant is planning a strategic comeback in the U.S. market by giving the culture something refreshing.
I'm very excited, as a sneakerhead and OG of the culture, to see these kicks come from a brand that means so much to the Hip-Hop community from day one. Adidas fell to the second spot for a few decades, but we anticipate a resurgence like no other. It's good to shake things up a bit. The game always changes. Keep your eyes open.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame

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