Thursday, January 29, 2015

 In a time where creativity is not truly explored, and the reality of the streets are mostly ignored, Moe is the primary writer/producer/editor/driving force behind the web series, "Money & Violence". The series is extremely well written, with a storyline that weaves the characters in and out of schemes, plots, and of course, money and violence. Mind you, this is not a series that glorifies money, or the violence that comes with it, but an epic street reality written by a man who lived during Brooklyn's Golden Era, and is giving us a glimpse into that world.

 Moe is one of the main characters in the series. He plays "Rafe" who is an intelligent, articulate brother who knows the perils of the streets, but is determined to play the cards he's dealt to create a better life for himself and his daughter. His right-hand, "Miz", is a real street dude, that is honest about the way he lives his life; like a true gangsta. Miz is ready to do whatever he has to to get that paper. Miz reminds me of  Tupac in "Juice", as far as how passionate he is about the street life.
Miz's "young boy" Shane is a young street dude coming up under Miz, but is trying to hold his own while dealing with the snakes on the street. Then there's Kane, who is like Rafe's little brother, and Kane is reluctant at first to be a part of the street life. I like Kane's character, because it shows a young dude who wants to walk on the "right side", but when there are no jobs available, and your "baby moms" will not allow you to see your child because you have no money, sometimes the solution becomes "by any means necessary".
 What makes Moe's writing so brilliant, is the REALNESS he allows the viewers to experience. If you know Brooklyn like we do, you know there are snakes and shiesty dudes that move on the streets and try to blend in with REAL N!gg@$. Rafe explores what's behind all these doors, leaving no stone unturned and the viewers wanting more.
The cast of "Money & Violence" were recently on Power 105 in New York to speak about the success of the show, and where it's going in the future. It would be dope to see Moe's hard work and dedication, along with a great cast, to be given a green light for production on HBO, or Showtime. Maybe Netflix can pick it up as one of their new original series. One thing is for sure. We want to see Moe and his entire team at Cloud 9 TV continue to win and represent the culture the way it should be. Proud. Salute to Moe, Cloud 9 TV, and the entire cast of "Money & Violence" for keeping us stuck to our computers. We can't wait to see the FINALE on February 3rd. Salute. Mello KickGame & Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #RepresntinForTheBorough #BKLYN #NYC

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