DunkXchange April "Random Shots" ReCap!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

" My Dudes...KICKGAME!!!!!"
O.G. Flavor!!
L.A. Tech's ....Ohh Wee!
& they still Light Up!! NIIIICE....
These remind me of the Air Pillar" These Young Boyz be the Freshest...HARLEMMMM!!!!!
" That 3m really makes these look appealing!!?
"Classic kicks & there were FRESH!!!"
"Son was killing that Flight Club sweatshirt!"
" My favorite Air Structures!!"

These are some pics from my IPhone, these are the things that I had to make sure I got so I can show you what it looked like in there. Do see the "L.A. Tech's"? takes me back, I never had those but they would be nice for the collection. Much Respect to everybody who can out to sell fresh/new merchandise!. " I almost slapped this kid for trying to sell me some used Dinosaur SB's!" lol.

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