My package from "Big Bro" landed with the bonus!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

"Am I seeing double?...." Big Bro-" Cali O ": N!GG@$ in the same spot/Me, I'm dodging rain drops! LOL
The Skunk SB's + The Skate Mental SB Dunk Highs!
" Thanks to Pharmacy for making this happen..."
& he sent me some Gully tees!!
" Purp 100's tee!"
" Pharmacy tee "
"Matrix tee!"
Notice the "SM" instead of the "SB" on the tongue!
Nike "Skate Mental" Dunk SB's..

If you remember a couple of months ago I was telling you about being the " lil Brother", I said it's a gift & a cures but way more gift!!.This a example of what its like, I was expecting my brother to send me my Skunk SB's & maybe his classic Snoop Dogg T-shirt. But he had something else in mind. Not only did he send me my SKUNK SB's he blessed me with a pair of Nike Skate Mental SB's!!. But the plot thickens he also sent me some official skateboarder wear! Tee's from The 100's, Matrix, & Pharmacy!!
I'm definitely feeling like it's my b-day all over again!, I wanna say good looking again to my Big Bro for holding me down (as always). I also wanna thank the good folks at "Pharmacy" for having the freshness!!.

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