BBC Nothing Boutique Sneakers worn by Pharrell Williams

Thursday, May 27, 2010

BBC Nothing Boutique Sneakers Fall/Winter 2010
New BBC Nothing Boutique Sneakers!! (These resemble the OG Ice Creams)
Shout out to my Akron connect RCH89 @http://RCH89.BLOGSPOT.COM . Who recently broke out his pair of "OG" Ice Creams!!
If your a fan of Pharrell or a Ice Cream you might have noticed the sneakers he's been wearing. These are called the "BBC Nothing Boutique" sneakers, & they have been getting alot of attention lately. These have the same silhouette as the OG Ice Creams! these just feature a gum bottom sole with the trademark BBC Helmet on it & the big "B" on the heel. Look for these to drop Fall/Winter 2010!.

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