LAKERS "WIN" Pivotal Game 5!!! "Here's Ronnie!! "

Friday, May 28, 2010

Kobe & Ron Artest celebrate Ron's Game 5 buzzer beater!!
"This is where we hold them- This is where we fight- This is where they die!!"
- Lionitus "300"
You know when Kobe got the ball you were shook! lol. Kobe was double teamed & still "got off " the jumper but Ron Artest was right under the rim for the last second put back!. To give "The Lake Show" a 103-101 lead & the victory. " Ohh the Lakers are so lucky that Artest got off that shot (" LAKER HATER "-voice) LOL!!!. Theirs no such thing as "Luck" people theirs just "Fate". You can't stop something that's destined to be, Kobe lived up to "the moment" once again.

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