KAWS Not Happy With The Nike Bespoke Program!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kaws Nike AF1 2007 Nike AF1 Bespoke by Will Wright
World renowned artist "Kaws" isn't happy with Nike right now. Kaws took to his blog today with a article titled "NIKE BESPOKE= FAKE "KAWS" SHOES (again)" After teaming up with Nike in 2007 & designing a black AF1 with baseball type stitching to resemble his "X" signature. Kaws said Nike was letting people use it on their Bespokes but after he confronted them about it they eliminated the option. However it appears that its back on the list again & Kaws isn't happy. He said "He can't be mad at people for using it but its Lame that its a option."
"ATF" member Mayor 1000 had something to say about this topic, Check it out!!

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