KickGame DVD Exclusive:Interview with my Big Bro- "Cali O"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

" What you see here is his Favorite Kicks in his collection!!"
KG: What's good with all this Big Bro?
Cali O: Man.. I've had a sneaker fetish since 1987! boyee (Flavor-Flav voice)
KG: I see some nice weaponry in your arsenal..
Cali O: "U Already!!"
KG: Which pair was the most difficult to get?
Cali O: The royal blue 1/2 Cent's that you got me..LAMO!!(My footwork was the most difficult for him..Ain't that some Bull$!t? Big Brother's man! sheesh)
KG:What's your favorite sneaker store out there?
Cali O: The Nike Store, they're the only ones who are consistent with that size 14!
KG:What pair do you pull out when you want to Break Necks?
Cali O: The "Copper Foamz" kill them every time!!. I call those the "traffic stoppers"!.
KG: Now the hard part, Whats your favorite sneaker All Time & Right Now?
Cali O: "All Time".. I have to go with the "Air Jordan 13's" blk/wht OG's!
"Right Now"..... I Love the "Sunday White" Kobe V's!
KG:Whats your favorite sneaker in your collection?
Cali O: My blue 1/2 Cent's excite me every time I put them on. But my "Carolina Jordan 11's" are in my Top 3!.
KG: Whats on our feet right now?
Cali O: My "Sunday White" Kobe V's!! LOL
KG: What's next on your hit list?
Cali O: The Kobe "Aston Martin DB9 Pack" & the charcoal/red Air Jordan retro 9's!!
KG: What's the last pair of kicks that you got?
Cali O: The "Air Carnivore's" that you sent me..LOL!(Big Bro told me he was having trouble finding them so I had to make sure he got his joint's)
KG:" Finding a size 14 is harder than people think!!"
KG: Okay, but what's the last pair that you purchased?
Cali O: "I just copped these AF1's from the Nike store out here"(camera phone shot 5/4/10)
KG: How do you feel about the direction Nike is going?
Cali O: I'm felling the direction Nike is going in because Nike keeps it innovative by not being afraid to push the envelope...A-La the "Skunk SB's"!.
KG: Are you feeling the hybrids/fusions that are dropping? I see you have a couple...
Cali O: As far as fusions I only buy selective joint's like the "Grey Nurse 5's" or the "wht/red 6's", but overall it was a good experiment!!.
KG: What do sneakers mean to you?
Cali O: Sneakers are part of my life like "water"!!
KG: Can you ever have enough?
Cali O: Nah.. Anybody who Loves sneakers knows that "IT NEVER STOPS!!"

KICKGAME- Mello: "Thanks for the time Big Bro!"
Cali O: Shout Out to "KICKGAMEDVD.COM" which is a reliable source for info on everything fresh!!.

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