Throwback Thursday: The Nike Dunk SB " Lobster " Collection 2008-2009!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

These "Red Lobsters" retailed for $65 in 2008 they now sell for at least
$250!! Then came the "Blue Lobsters" 2009
" Look at the packaging...SICK!!!" Instant Classics!!
Then came the super limited "Yellow Lobsters" made only for the "Concepts" staff & Nike employee's!! These are going for $1,100- $2,000
Concepts store owner "Frank the Butcher" showing off his pair!
In 2008 Boston sneaker store "Concepts" dropped the "Red Lobster" Dunk SB in very limited quantities (200 pairs). The first 50 pair came with a poster, a Lobster claw rubber band, tee shirt & condiment box, all inside a authentic wooded "Concepts" lobster trap. The shoes were well received by the public so in 2009 Concepts dropped the second instalment the "Blue Lobster". They went really hard with the "Blue Lobster" promotion.

The "Blue Lobster's" were priced at $250 & the shoes come bagged tagged sealed in a HAZMAT foam container. Each pair was joined by a Nike SB Tee, a hang tag, & lace lock. The first 200 people received 1 of 2 "Concepts" x " Alien Workshops" skate decks. ( I should have taken that trip to BOSTON...Seriously). However while everybody was grabbing the "Blue Lobsters" Nike blessed the "Concepts" employee's with a pair of Super Limited "Yellow Lobster" Dunks. These "Yellow Lobsters" will never be released to the general public but "strings can always be pulled". You just have to be ready to drop that $1,100 -$2,000!!.

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