When to say...NO!! "Too Much of anything is no good"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who's he supposed to be "Gucci Man"= DEAD!!~! " 4 different types of green?" C'MON SON..
" Even if your a Blood this is still too much Red!! "
" This dude is going to work dressed as the Purple Power Ranger!! "
The weather is starting to break & dudes are on the streets looking like clowns!!. Everybody wants to look good when they step outside the crib, however when it comes to matching up your gear Don't over do it!!. Out of all these dudes above I think the "Purple Ranger" is the worst. Holmes got on a pair of Nike Foamposite Boot's in "Eggplant/Purple", with the purple socks, a Purple shirt, two Purple phone cases, a Purple hat, & Purple sun glasses. Now if that's not "Buffoonery" I don't know what is!.

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