Which Sneaker Has A Better Stash Pocket: The Supra Skytop or The Nike Skumk SB's?

Friday, May 7, 2010

I'll be using a "Sharpie" to conduct my test!! Supra Skytop "Timmy" 2008
Chad Muska demands a stash pocket on all his shoes!! Cool
The Sharpie's going in.....
The Sharpie goes almost three quarters the way in.
The Notorious "Skunk SB's"..
The pocket....
The Sharpie's goin in!!
The Sharpie goes almost 3 quarters the way in..
It's pretty close so I had to bring out the tape measure. The Supra Skytop's "Stash" pocket was 31/2 inches deep!. And the Nike Skunk SB's measured at 3 inches deep. So the winner of best "Stash" pocket goes too the originator the Supra Skytop's!!.Nice

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