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Friday, May 7, 2010

Lebron's Elbow/ Lebron James Elbow Injury/ Lebron's Elbow is still hurting/ Today in Lebron James Elbow News/ The Elbow of King James....etc. Kobe - " Are they Serious? I've played half the season with a Broken index finger on my shooting hand!!"
Ya boy Lebron gets the "MVP" Trophy then looses at home by 20 point's? LMAO.. Let me guess his "elbow" wasn't ready to go? LOL. Yo man this is crazy, but "I LOVE IT" because ever since Lebron received his trophy Kobe has been killing his first two games. Scoring over 30 both games with a broken finger. Now I'm no doctor but I think a broken index finger is more serious than a "mysterious" elbow injury.

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