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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Being a New Yorker your naturally born with a powerful sense of "Home Town Pride". Nevertheless when your born in Brooklyn you have that pride " x 10". You see & hear stories of the many great men who came through this (world famous) borough, they went on to do incredible things. So everybody feels like that could be them. I would have to say that Biggie Smalls & Jay-Z are the two dudes who single handily held it down " For my generation " at least the past two decades!. Both undeniable Hip Hop Heavyweights/ Hip Hop Culture Commanders!.

I'm not a rapper but the "Hip Hip/ Rap Culture" is part of our everyday life. It's the way you "get your hair cut, the way you "tie your shoe laces" , the way you " way you cuff your denim!", the way you "wear your fitted", the way you "walk", definitely the way you "talk" etc..

So where do I fit into this equation? I'm the next up to bat for my borough!. I've been sitting in the dugout patiently waiting for my turn & now it's here. It's not gonna be easy to reach these two (BIG & JAY) nevertheless " I'm ready to carry on the tradition!". BROOKLYN You Already Know!... "I got you".

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