TY-Money's 13th Boss Day "Polo Party"- PT.2

Sunday, September 26, 2010

TY-MONEY- "Let his Twitter Followers know that he's officially the 2nd person on earth with one of these...You deserve it young!!" NIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!....

Lil Shells (Swagg on a Hundred Thousand Trillion!)- Air Jordan IX "Charcoal" Day 1 status! I wonder where he get that from?...lol- TK Society Supra's "Day 1 Status"! Dcypol- Air Jordan II's "Day 1 Status!"
Ya Boi..- POLO " Conrad " High ..."Day-1 Status!!"
RED VELVET! mmmmmmmmmm
Kid So Fresh aka "I Cough Stacks"- WINNER of the "Dougie" contest! ('US Open Edition' Polo Hat & KickGame Polo)
Look at the "Lil Yankee Bwoy" goin in on Elephantman's "No Linga"!!.
A week after his 13th "Boss Day" (lol) "Ty" is still the man. The story of his Polo party is still a "Trending Topic" in the hood. These are some dope images of this " red carpet affair" that was hosted by yours truly.
I want say thanks to you (TY-Money) for asking me to come host your party. Just including me in this incredible vision you had is a honor. Yo, " You had a POLO cake son!!..". Did you guys notice my man switched up his gear half way through the party? Lol. KickGame Forever!-

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