Dear Summer 2010....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"P-ROD" Skate Deck!!! Dane Cody applying the grip tape & bringing it to life!!
Jolo chilln with his homie.. " U Already Know!!!"
"Chipolte is great!!"
Jolo "Lakers" B-Day Party!! ( I never got to post those Y-3 Sneakers)
Happy B-Day Young!!!!!!
" Ready For The Battle!!!!"
" Which pair of J's are your favorite?"....Okay!
Lakers lanyard!! "YOUNG!!!"
This is his new favorite pose!! lol
Summer Days!!..
I only allow him to wear his other jerseys after the "playoffs"!! lol
" I Put OOOO-nnn!!!!!!"
Swag on a "Hundred"...
" Thousand "... " Trillion..." lol
" New York-New York!!!!"
It's September 3,2010 it's Labor Day weekend & school starts next week!. After 36 90 degree days & 6 heat waves, Summers officially over. Life has been good to me & I truly count my blessings every day!. Being able to spend extra time with my son over this summer has been wonderful. The crazy thing about it is I feel like we've gotten even closer. He teaches me things about life without even knowing that he's droppin knowledge. We've been all over the city, I've had to take him with me to several meetings & everyone always tells me how well behaved he is. Which usually leads to some type of treat for him. I do believe good behavior should be rewarded!!.

He Loves watching Kobe highlights/ Lil Dez commercials on YouTube. We literally were watching that Kobe jumps over Aston Martin video right before we went to "Rucker Park". He was asking me who the other dude in the video was & I told him "Ronnie Turiaf". A hour & a half later were sitting inside the "Press Box" at Rucker Park & who comes & sits right next to us?...yep "Ronnie Turiaf" who was mega cool!!. I'll say that this summer was definitely one of the best & spending priceless moments with him made it even better..

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