Dunkxchange 'September 2010' Recap!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yes!.. The Cranberry Half Cent's were already up for grabs! "LAKERS CHAMPIONSHIP PARADE" Kobe V's!!!!
Home- "Big Stage Kobe V's"
PE "Rasheed AF1 Highs" University of Kentucky - Nike Lebron 7's
Yo at the last DXC some "CORNBALL" representing "CORNBALL CREW" that shall remain NAMELESS! Had these on & he was talkin about " I can't let you get a picture of these. I don't want NIKE to find out that I got these!!". I simply handed him a flyer & told him *GOOGLE ME!!*.
What a crock of "B$"!, He was acting like if NIKE see's the picture they'll be like, " That shoe looks like a size 12!!..That location looks like SOHO!, Find out who has a pair in that area!!".
Shout out to homie from http://MYSOLETOKEEP.COM who kept it funky!. Not only did he have the "Jordan Lebron 7's" he had the whole collection!.

Dieon Sanders Lebron 7's Penny Hardaway Lebron 7's
Scream @ Me!!..
Shout out to "Kerok Kickz"- Who had some "Ronald McDonald" Nike Dunk SB's!
Shout out to "Andrew" who had some heat!!
Va$htie Kola Air Jordan II's ( a week early!! )
Red Lobster SB's
Ray Allen Olympic Edition - Air Jordan VI's!!
Can you decode this tee?...
Yesterday was DXC & I can say that this was the best I've seen it look in a long time!. I personally Love DXC for the whole atmosphere! but the music is the highlight. They don't play anything new school straight classic after classic!. Thanks to everybody who showed my team & I Love while we were in there.

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