Happy 28th B-Day - Lil Wayne

Monday, September 27, 2010

Those Chuck Taylor's look like something dudes were wearing in the WARRIORS!! lol...
"FREE WEEZY" T-Shirt by 8and9 clothing!!
Remember when son rocked the "Space Jams" to the Grammys? Just because he mention them in the song he was performing! (Forever).. That was a huge look for the Sneaker Culture!.
Today we wanna wish a "Happy Born Day" to "Weezy F Baby" who turns 28 years old. It has to feel terrible being behind bars on your b-day. Wayne once said " I GOT CAKE LIKE EVERYDAY MY BIRTHDAY!". I'm sure when he's released in another month or so he's gonna celebrate like it's "Christmas/New Years Eve/4th Of July/& his B-Day" all together.
I heard that Weezy's label "Young Money" is planning on releasing a album the same day the he is released from "Rickers Island". Their also planning to do a concert at "Madison Square Garden" the same week!!. If it really does go down in that order it's gonna be NOODLES!. You already know I'll keep you posted about this as more info is available!.

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