KickGame Mural - " The Process! "

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The art crew! lol (4 Real Though)
My dude "Jay 30"!!
Sketch 1st then the wall was painted all black!!
'Special Thanks' To: New York City Council Women-"Letitia James" who stopped by to show support!
U Already!!
Coming along nice!..
"Puff & Bomer" Finished...For Today!! After "TY-Money's" party were came back to take some flicks!!
& guess who was already their..."Puff!!" lol
Shells & Young!
"U Already!!" Day 2.. " The NYC Skyline "
Shout Out To: "BOMER" who killed this joint!!
Last weekend I was invited to participate in a historical event in my neighborhood. 25 different business owners, artist were asked if they wanted to "beautify" a construction wall that was considered a eye soar on the community. I jumped on the opportunity & my team really come out & held me down. I'll tell you right now, I have a new respect for graffiti artist. I never knew how real it was. It's a incredible feeling to come outside everyday & see this!. You guys who have been tuning in know how much work I put in. So I feel like I deserve this amazing billboard like symbol in my hood.
The really dope thing is that this doesn't just represent me. It represents everybody who has a KickGame DVD flyer in their dresser, who have a tee in their closet, everybody who tells there friends that is the truth!!!!!. I promise you, I'm gonna continue to keep this movement ever-growing!.

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