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Friday, October 29, 2010

M-T-V "is running this Rap $h!t"

B-E-T "is running this Rap $h!t"- Mos Def (Takeover Freestyle)

What's up KickGame readers/family, It's been a hot second since I checked in with you. I'm feelin great! I've been busy building up KickGame & making a lot of connections with people that are feeling the KickGame movement & want to be a part of it. I wanna say "Thank You!" to everybody who continues to choose KICKGAMEDVD.COM daily for your Love & support. " You could be anywhere in the world right now but your here with us!" .

I had to take a minute to talk about the "BET Top 10 Rappers of The 21's Century" & "MTV Top 10 For 2010". Let's start with BET Top 10 of "THE 21st CENTURY", I'm not gonna recap the list however I will say that I can't believe that "Jay-Z" wasn't on that list. We're talking about the past 10 years!, The Blueprint(2001)-The Black Album(2003) American Gangster(2008) & The Blueprint III(2010)with joint's like "Empire State of Mind" that was a New York anthem at a time that the Yankees were in a race for their 27th "World Series Title".These albums are certified Hip Hop classics. And that's not "in my opinion" that's a fact! (11 #1 Albums). I also feel NAS who also dropped two classics should've been on that list with albums like Stillmattic(2001)-Hip Hop Is Dead(2006) under his belt. On the other hand he never gets on theses list anyway so I'm not surprised.

As for MTV their just "MTV"! Their list was the "Top 10 Rapper's for 2010" which included, WACKA FLOCKA & B.O.B! ..LMAO. MTV is funny they brought all their "Cool People" together for a round table discussion & that's what they came up with?. So they inspired me to drop a KickGame "Top 10 MC's" list. However I decided to drop a list of the "MOST SLEPT ON MC'S", the dudes that NEVER make the list although they've helped to shape this game called HIP HOP!.

So here it is KickGame Mello's "Top 10 Most Slept On MC's"...

#1.Prodigy (of Mobb Deep)- After Jay-Z dissed P everybody acted like they never was a fan of Prodigy. Let me remind you "East Coast" cats that when 2PAC was dissing us & Snoop Dogg was comin through New York "Stomping out the buildings in his video", the ONLY people to really hold it down was "The Mobb".

"You'll be reminded of Robberies in Manhattan/You know "What Happen" 50 G'z Worth of GUN CLAPPIN/ "Who Shot Ya?".......You probably yelled louder than a Opera!!" -Prodigy

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (I'm about to go outside & Snuff somebody)

#2. Redman - How could you front on Redman? Even though his rhymes are often animated theirs nothing "Funny or Sweet" about Newark New Jersey aka "Brick City" where Redman is from.

#3.Black Thought - Before being a "Conscious Rapper" was cool Philadelphia rap group The Roots came through to let us know "Never Do What They Do!!". Lead by their frontman "Black Thought" who's rhymes often delivered like hip hop poetry. Yeah "Black Thought" owns that lane...ask "Kanye,Common, Lupe etc."

#4.Beanie Sigel- When you talk about hard core lyricist theres no way you can front on Beanie Sigel. He was Jay-Z's "#1Hitman" & whenever there was drama Sigel was always quick to handle it. Most notably his battle with "Jadakiss"(who's one of my favorite rappers EVER) however I can finally admit Sigel won that battle son..Word!
#5.Ghostface Killah - With his fellow Wu-Tang members often getting a majority of the praises for their contributions to the "Clan" Ghostface doesn't get the props he deserves. Every clique has that dude that "doesn't like anybody!" & watches everybody to prevent "Biters or Sneak Dissin", for KickGame that person would be "SHELLS"!! lol 4 Real.

Ghostface publicly accused Notorious B.I.G of biting Wu-Tang's "style & slang".(Shark N!ggas) -YouTube it! (If you Love Hip Hop & don't own a copy of "Cuban Linx" cop it quick, it's not a Ghostface Album however he's all over it)
#6.AZ - One thing about Hip Hop is listeners want to feel like they can relate to what the rapper is rhyming about. With bars like.." I'm recognized by the illest of individuals/ Killers & Criminals/ Even Willies that's really into jewels!..". From a young age I connected with Az aka "Sosa" & have been runnin with him ever since.
#7. Talib Kweli- When it comes to lyrics, flow,content, delivery, stage presence etc. All the aspects of being a dope MC Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli definitely raised the bar. His fellow Hip Hop comrades feel the same way, with heavyweights like Jay-Z kickin bars like.."If skillz sold/ Truth be told/ I'd probably be lyrically..Talib Kweli"- (Moment of Clarity)
#8. Styles P - Not too many people can get on tracks with Hip Hop legends (Biggie, Jay-Z, Kool G Rap, Nas, Jadakiss..etc) & go "Toe to Toe" or "Bar for Bar" rather. Styles P is one third of "The Lox" & with frontman "Jadakiss" often shining so bright people often down play how NICE "S.P" truly is. That type of issue would have ended a lot of groups but not "The Lox", They really have a brother hood between each other & everybody respect each others position.

With lines like.."Blood thicker than water/ But only in certain cases/ You Need Water To Live/ You learn that as the basics.../Better cherish ya aces!". It not a question how he feels about his team!. "LOX" Forever Son!!!
#9. Fabolous - Consistent-(Con-sist'ent) adj- Conducting oneself in harmony with one's belief or profession. -Webster's Dictionary
Fabolous aka "Loso" has been consistently dropping "The Hottest" shorty joint's in Hip Hop for over 10years now. Which always make people (Especially Dudes) say he's too soft!. I'm a dude that checks for "LYRICS"!. That is the basis for a dope MC & Fab always comes out swinging powerful lyrical jabs like...
"You can't see me/ Neither can the flunkies under you/ My $h!t Bananas-Like a monkey number two/ I'm Bigger than that!/ More like Gorilla though/ Nickname Funeral-Got that from this Killer flow/ Everything still a go/ My pockets be extra fat/ Big Money on deck-Like A-Rod's next to bat...$h!t/ Somebody contact the tabloids/ I'm a Big Deal-Like contract from Bad Boy/ Yeah!..It's all good Baby Baby(BIG voice)/ My swagg plays a Big part- So it's all Gravy!"
Man that almost turned into the whole song! lol.
#10. NAS - There's nobody on this list, MTV's list or BET's list that can deny that MR. "Nasir Jones" is one of the Nicest MC's to ever touch the microphone. There aren't enough words for me explain how much Nas opened my Hip Hop ear for "lyrics & metaphor's". Which why I can't even choose a verse to quote..Word
Esco has weathered through every Hip Hop storm!
Nasty Nas "Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper!!"..
That's it..this is my list of "Top 10 Most Slept On MC's". Hope you enjoyed it & feel somewhat enlighten about how I feel about Hip Hop. These are a few key people that built Hip Hop Culture in my eyes. -Mello
I put a lot of though & work into this post ( Each post is like artwork to me!), comments are appreciated! I wanna know what you think!.


Remote said...

where is Jada?!!!

mello said...

Jada isn't "Slept On"....he actually made MTV's list..Jada's "Top 5 Alive"!!!

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