Sneaker Con Re-Cap - "KickGameDVD Raffle!"

Monday, October 18, 2010

That "Eric Koston" skateboard looks Niiice on the KickGame table right?...That was totally planned! lol. Runner up would win a STUSSY skully & KickGame tee, 2nd place was a FAMOUS (snap back with matching tee) & a KickGame tee. 3rd place won three "4STAR" tees & a KickGame tee. To enter the raffle it was very simple, if you sign up for our mailing list you get a raffle ticket. You buy a tee you get a raffle ticket. The raffle was scheduled for 4PM "Sharp". At 3:45pm I got the word that we couldn't use the microphone!. So we had to use our voices to round people together.. And it worked!!. Shout out to my Big Bro "Strategy" & (Dane Cody's Big Bro) "Dcypol" who had the Loudest voices. Time to start!.. Homie who Won the "FAMOUS" snapback with matching tee & KickGame tee, we didn't get your picture!!. If you send in a pic of you with your prizes I'll post it..(KICKGAMEDVD@GMAIL)... "Next Number" is what the crowd was chanting! Congratulations to this dude who won the "4STAR" t-shirt pack & KickGame tee!!
Neeeexxtttt!!!!!!.... Congratulations to the runner up who won a "STUSSY" skully & KickGame tee! Next the "Grand Prize"!!!! Congratulations to the lil homie who took home the "Grand Prize", a "Eric Koston" skateboard & a KickGame tee!... The best thing about it is he REALLY skates!! so this will be put to use..
As you can see the Sneaker Con Raffle was the highlight of the event!!. Regardless to what hurdles were thrown our way we made it happen. It's a incredible feeling to be able to make somebody's day by performing a unselfish gesture. All day people were asking "How much does the deck co$t?", & we say NOTHING just sign up!. These dudes had no idea that they would be leaving Sneaker Con with such "Sick Prizes!". But that's what it's all about, spreading/sharing the Freshness!.
Once again I wanna give a big shout out to "York, Adam, & George" at BLADES (659 Broadway between Bleeker & 3rd St.). Were really thankful for the extra prizes you added to our raffle. We made a lot of people happy & we also raised the bar for every Sneaker Con after this one. I'm sure a lot more people will be inspired after seeing this.

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