KickGameDVD.COM "Sneaker Con" Recap - The People!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Shout out to "Mayor" who always shows Love to KickGame."Mayor" came through rockin the Air Jordan III's (4 Months Early)..It's only right!.
"DJ Clark Kent"- Throwin it up! Creative Ethics Clothing
"Foamposite Tattoo Son!"...
Shells, "Carlos Sanchez" of SneekGeekz, & Jay Rich
Big Homie "Krash" -(Brooklyn) repppin "KickGame"! KickGame "Shells" aka "SB" with "Ray Figgs" of 8and9 clothing!
KickGame Queens Homies!!
Shout out to "Justin" who brought out some classics..... The Air Jordan "Grape" V's!! "You gotta Love it"..
" I can't even choose one!!"..
Queens was heavy in the building!!
" These are so sick!"...
Aside from a dope environment there were also some incredible people at Sneaker Con. We wanna say Thanks to everybody who showed KickGame Love & Support. I was able to talk to a lot of loyal KickGame viewers, who enlightened me about different things. From what you like to what you want to see, I definitely will pay attention to your suggestions/request.
Sneaker Con was definitely a success & I'm looking forward to the next event!.

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