" What happen's when Cottonman & Dcypol connect to make New KickGame Shirts?..."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

" In the Building/ Brothers Building!! "..-Raekwon Dcypol presented this 1st piece which lead to......
"Dane Cody" (P-Rod 4's)- KickGame Tee!
"Shells" ('Gucci' P-Rod 3's) - KickGame Tee!
"Dcypol" ('Wolf Grey' Kobe V's)-KickGame Sweatshirt! (with Metallic Grey KG Logo)
" I went with paint splashes to match my Kobe V's!...
"Mello" (Nike I.D. Kobe V's)- KickGame Polo!
KICKGAME FEET.."DCYPOL" & "MELLO"- Reppin "Kobe"!! KICKGAME FEET: "SHELLS" & "DANE CODY"-Reppin "Paul Rodriguez"! For those of you who don't know who "Cottonman" is he's the dude behind all the KickGame "shirts/sweatshirts/hoodies, etc.." you see the team wearing!. Cottonman always makes sure every one of us is fresh for whatever the occasion is.

For "Sneaker Con" we wanted to do something extra special, so we brought in "Dcypol" who has a keen eye for Freshness to "artistically enhance" our shirts!. After seeing his first piece I knew that we would be need several more shirts. Shout out to both "Cottonman & Dcypol" who came through for the team!.

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