Spotted:Rick Ross in Exclusive Game Jacket with Lanvin Hi Sneakers and Diddy in MCM Cognac Jacket!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lavin High Top Sneakers ($765)
"Bugatti Boyz" is what they call them! "Ricky Rozay" & "Diddy" both wearing custom made leather jackets by "Exclusive Game Clothing"...Nice!
"Collection" by Creative Recreation- Black High Top Studded Sneakers ($450)
By the way.."that's a "Bugatti Veyron" behind them!"
Ricky Rozay & Diddy also known as the "Bugatti Boyz" were spotted posing in front of a "Bugatti Veyron" on set for their new video titled "Another One". Rick Ross is wearing a Exclusive Game Custom leather jacket $2,200 wich he matched up with a pair of Lavin High Tops $765. Sean "Diddy" Combs is also seen wearing a Exclusive Game Clothing leather MCM jacket with a pair of Collection by Creative Recreation black leather "studded" high tops $450.


Anonymous said...

"botty boyz" iz what I call them!! Dummy combs an piggy the cop!! An the is Krashone . What up mello my man!

mello said...

lol..."Botty Boyz"

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