What they rockin- "Halloween 2010 Edition"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Paul Pierce....So "That's ya boy huh?....." Ashanti
Fabolous- "On Dark Knights I'm like Heath Ledger!"
Fab had a Halloween performance in "Las Vegas" at club JET!!
The "Joker" & his "Dead Presidents" goons!..
Kim K.
Kim Porter aka "Diddy's Baby Mom's!"
Dwight Howard...
Lala & Ciara..
Ciara as "Storm" from X-Men
Diddy & his youngest son "Quincy"(I see those Carmine 6's)
Shaq & Hoopz......
Dwayne Wade as "Justin Timberlake" & Gabriel Union
CoCo & Ice T
Keri Hilson as "Big Bird".....yes! "A Big Bird"
This is just a little run down of what some of your favorite celebs were rocking for Halloween. Which costume you feeling the most?...

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