Todd Bratrud x Nike 4/20 Skunk Dunk II aka The "Skunk V2" - Preview

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Word is the latest "Skunk Dunks" are inspired by a " Duby"..
It will go down on 4/20 once again!...
Bold Sneak Peak!
Will the 4/20 Skunk Dunk II live up to it's predecessor?.. Only time will tell. I'll tell you right now I Love the 1st pair!. Easily one of my favorite shoes ever, so I'm really hoping the sequel will be on the same level of fresh or HIGHER!. The word is that the shoe will feature a tear away hemp cover so soon as it's ripped off it will reveal another lavel. As soon as the official images are available I'll post them for you.

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