KickGame x GoodWood NYC Collection + Young Jolo's Chain!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Above is a picture of all the pieces & the bracelet that the folks @ GOODWOODNYC.COM has done for the KickGame family.

Below are pics of the newest piece that they made. This chain was made for "Mini Me" aka "Young Jolo".
They made it extra special by inscribing his name on the back..
Needless to say he was super happy, Swagg on a hundred thousand trillion!....
" No BS, Medallion the size of a Nintendo DS!"
First off I wanna thank "Kerri" & everybody at GoodWood NYC for coming through for me in a short period of time to ensure Jolo would indeed have a "Happy Birthday". When I turned "7 years old" I wanted some WWF wrestlers & a ring. Like we all know times have changed. Jolo still likes toys but at the top of his "B-Day Wish List" was "#1. A GoodWood NYC Chain".

When I asked him if he likes it he looked at me & replied, "Dad , I Feel Like BIG MEECH!!!"..The he yells out "ROZAY!"..LOL

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