"I'm Sorry JR - I've Already Ruined Ya...."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

People often ask me why do I spend so much money on my kids. Well in a nut shell, "I spend $200 & better on my kicks, $180 & better on my jeans & so on". Aside from my personal spending habits I grew up always having nice things & so did there mom. So when we give him what we had plus what we didn't have...Sheesh. However I will say that he has to earn most of the things he gets, either through good grades or good behavior.

It's crazy that at 7 years old he remembers already having a couple of the same Jordan's before. I took a few of his baby/toddler kicks out of the closet, peep it.
These were my two of my favorite dunks...
When I speak on things I didn't get as a kid, right next to my Batman big wheel comes the Michael Jordan jersey that I didn't get until I bought it with my own money at 16 years old.

So when my lil man asked me for his favorite players jersey I was more that happy to make that happen. Yes, that's the whole collection. Now he wants a Kobe jersey with the number 8 on it.

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After he met Kevin Durant at House Of Hoops in Harlem last year it was a wrap. KD is Jolo' s 2nd favorite player in the NBA. Watching the "Dallas Mavericks" beat both of his teams (The Lake Show & OKC) was too real. Needless to say he strongly dislikes Dirk & company now.
Summer is flying by so fast he hasn't even got to wear his "Penny" jersey. I was trying to find him a pair of "Penny's" in his size (2Y) but I had no luck.
It ain't over I'm still looking for the right pair of kicks for him to bang with his jersey!.
WALE posted this pic of what kicks he wore with is Penny jersey. If your familiar w KG then you probably remember me asking for these to drop in kids sizes..http://kickgamedvd.blogspot.com/2011/01/nike-total-lunar-foamposite-teaser.html
Celebrity Sneaker Stalker
This is how the man himself did it, with the "Air Ups"..

When I find the kicks I'll post them!...

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