Black/Red Jordan's have always been the best colorway.. & I'll prove it!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The AJ 1's...Best Colorway!
The AJ II's were never released in Black/Red
The AJ III's ..
The AJ IV's (The "Cements" are nice but..)
The AJ V's Best Colorway!
The AJ VI Best Colorway!
AJ VII's what's now known as the "Raptor 7's"
The AJ VIII "Playoffs baby Playoffs!!"
The AJ IV Best Colorway! (That's Grey Suede Son!)
The AJ X these are just ridiculous...
The AJ XI's look at the red gummy sole!
The AJ XII "Flu Game's"
The AJ XII "Playoffs"
The AJ XIV "Last Shot" aka the "Ferrari's"
The AJ XVI's
Air Jordan 16 (XVI) Original (<span class=
Were gonna skip the crazy years..
The AJ XX these are straight crack!
The AJ XX3 Best Colorway!
So pretty much every sneaker store I go into still has a full size run of the Black/Red/Metallic Silver Air Jordan V's that dropped last week. This really puzzles me, because these kicks are one of the most official Sneakers (Not Jordan's, SNEAKERS) ever!.

I have seen the sneaker game change so much over the past two decades. "I remember when sneakers used to sell because they were HOT!", Not because it's a (EASILY FORGOTTEN) "BIN23" or a "QUAI54" & the brand has decided to release "23 pairs".

What a lot of you cats who use the word "HEAT" need to learn is the difference between "Limited" & "Exclusive". Just because your kicks are Limited doesn't make them Exclusive.

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