Monday, January 23, 2012

"Peep the flyness, ya HIGHNESS"

By the time our KickGame DVD readers see this, we will be exactly 60 days away from one of the biggest releases in 2012. Since we covered all the bases a few days ago, we decided to take an exclusive look into the Yeezy 2.

What stands out the most, besides the "Glow" soles, is the definition of the sneaker itself. Talking to a few insiders at Nike Headquarters in Portland, I see the influence of this Yeezy came from GodZilla. The "scales" that protrude from the back panel and the lizard/reptilian skin that adorn the side back panels of the shoe remind us of the giant fire-breathing dragon. The Nike Swoosh is in "3-D", elevating out of the lizard skin.

The front top panel is made of Nike's Air material for breathability. with a suede rim to complete the top panel makes for a top-shelf sneaker. Yeezy's signature emblem is emblazened on the tongue. From what we've been told, the inner sole is a combination of memory foam, and Nike Air for maximum comfort. The price tag on these will run about $235. Well worth it! Cali "O"

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