Thursday, October 11, 2012

 Adam Goldstein, known as D.J. AM, was not just a producer or DJ that everybody wanted at their A-List parties. D.J. AM was also a well documented sneakerhead, who had a passion for Air Jordans in particular. No matter the event, D.J. AM was always seen in a pair of fresh Jordans. His favorite was the Air Jordan IV's. His most prized kicks were a pair of Blue-suede "Eminem" IV's, his Tiffany Dunk SB's, and his Wu-Tang Dunks. D.J. AM even hosted the Grammys Red Carpet for E! Television in a pair of Jordan 1's. OFFICIAL!
DJ A.M. was in Vegas DJ'ing at Club Rain inside the Palms Hotel every Friday. Alotta people don't know that A.M. had a sneaker crew called the "Air Macks Crew" along with DJ Ben Baller (You now know him as the Jeweler Ben Baller). He also DJ'd for Will Smith, and Jay-Z. Nike even did a pair of SB's for him, because his buzz was out of this world. He  also did a commercial with Kobe Bryant for the first Air Yeezy's. DJ A.M. was definitely known in sneakerhead circles across the globe.
Unfortunately, A.M. passed away in August of 2009. Eminem paid tribute to A.M. on the song, "Talkin' to Myself". A.M. will forever be known as a true sneakerhead who helped bring the culture that much further.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #DJAM #RIP #ThrowBacks

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