Monday, April 15, 2013

 Jeff Staples' Nike "Pigeon" SB
       The sneakers that started it all...
Puma is just not a brand I associate with what is happening now in our culture. Personally, I haven't owned a pair of Pumas since I was breakdancing in '84. However, since this involves Jeff Staple, the man who linked with Nike in '05 to bring us one of the illest pair of kicks to ever be released at that time, the "Pigeon" SB's. In fact, I believe February 22, 2005 is what changed the game and took sneaker prices to obscene numbers. The "Pigeon" SB's were, and still are, the Holy Grail of sneakers. Fast forward to 2013. Jeff Staple is back, except this time he brings his signature Staple Brand over to German shoe company Puma to bring us the "Pigeon" Pumas.
They didn't sway from what was done on the "Pigeon" SB's, as far as the colorway. Keeping with the tonal Greys, the Pink accents, and White Puma symbol, this Puma will be held to Top-Shelf status, simply because of Staples' involvement and the history behind each of his designs. 
Reed Space, the same place that inflated the price of the "Pigeon" SB's from $69 to $300 a pair, will be hosting the first release of the "Pigeon" Pumas on April 17th. The Pumas are set to be released everywhere on May 3rd. 
Just imagine, back in 2005, a pair of kicks going for $1,000 was unheard of. Now, limited edition kicks are going for twice that, easy. Will we see history repeat itself? Will Nike jump in and do a special release to get in on the buzz? We'll see!  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #TheBestInTheBusiness #PayAttention

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