Tuesday, April 23, 2013

                        "Polo Jo" glowing in the "Area 72" hat!

                       Still glowing in his KD V's!
                     "Sock Game" crazy! (Barkley "Not A Role Model" and "Area 72" socks)
 "Polo Jo" and New York Giants SuperBowl Champion Victor Cruz!
Being a father is one thing, but being recognized by your children as a dad is very special. Alot of people don't know the difference. Spending time, molding your kids, teaching them what's right. To bring my "Mini-Me" to the SoleCon event this past Sunday, spending that "Dad and Son" time means alot. Not only can we have fun together, but its a learning experience  as well. 
We ran into the SuperBowl Champ Victor Cruz, who was rockin' the "Fire Red" IV's early!! You already know. It was alot of FRESHNESS in the building, and I'm glad young got to see it for himself. Times like these you never forget. Priceless.  Mello  #TeamKickGame #TurnItUpNoMatterWhat #MyRoadDawg #MiniMe

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