Friday, May 17, 2013

As things start to heat up in anticipation for the May 25th "Memorial Day Weekend Takeover" by Nike, we are hearing more heat is expected to drop. This includes the Xmas 2012 release of the Bred XI's, the Bred XIII's, and the Fire Red V's. The "White Grape" V's are scheduled to drop again, alongside the "Black Grapes". It's crazy right now!
About a month ago (April 10, 2013) Nike via Twitter released some of the HOTTEST sneakers the game has ever seen, including the Yeezy 2's, the LeBron X "Corks", the elusive "Galaxy" Foamposite Ones, the "Area 72" Barkley Posite Max, and the Doernbecher IX's, to name a few. Only those that are logged on to Nike's Twitter account 24/7 knew about this random release. I think random releases are cool, but for those that actually have jobs, it is truly unfair. For those that are reselling these kicks at inflated prices, its ridiculous. True sneakerheads who need to cop like fiends for crack know exactly what I mean. 
I'm glad Nike is letting the world know when this next drop is coming. It gives everybody a chance to prepare, and get their pockets right! Christmas in the Spring is always a good thing! Hahaa!  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #SpringXmas

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