Thursday, May 30, 2013

When it comes to Tennis shoes (literally), none compares to that of Andre Agassi. Nike gave him the crown in the 90's, and from that partnership, came great sneakers. Today, we are looking at 1995's Air Tech Challenge LWP's, courtesy of Nike Designer Marc Dolce. Marc shared these photos of his classic joints, and we definitely would love to see these come back. Could Marc be in the midst of brainstorming, to give us another ill creation similar to the Zoom Rookie LWP? Or the 1/2 Cent?  
What made these kicks even more popular was the co-sign by Michael Jordan, who you can see rockin' them getting out his Corvette, above. This influenced the 'hood to snatch up a pair to play basketball. So the Agassi LWP's had a dual role, capturing two big audiences at the same damn time! Hahaa! Shout to Marc Dolce, for being a true sneakerhead, having a pair of kicks from 1995 shows that you truly live it! Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #ThrowBackThursdays #AndreAgassi

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