Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We are on the heels of yet another great release. There's so much in the meaning behind it. The Air Jordan 8 "Playoff" kicks are special because these were the first of the three poignant Playoff  sneakers of the Air Jordan franchise. The 8's, the 12's, and 13's are kicks that you should have in your arsenal without question. To see the first one that I had back in the summer of 1993 making a comeback after 20 years is a nice move. This is the 20th Anniversary of Jordan's 3-Peat over the Phoenix Suns and Charles Barkley (who was regular season MVP that year), and Jordan's final sneaker on the court before his first retirement. 
There is alot of significance behind these kicks, let alone the incredible detail that makes up the composition of the shoe itself. The Air Jordan 8's were sneakers that were ahead of its time, and Tinker Hatfield was at the helm of it all. The overlapping straps, the "suction cup" feel of the inner booty inside the shoe, along with the multi-colored graphics on the insole makes you feel like you just "walked in" to a fine Italian machine.
The Playoff 8's were initially due to drop on June 15th, but the release was pushed back until June 29th, for $160. Shout to Dane Cody. Championship status.  Cali "O" #TeamKickGame #PlayoffEdition

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